Pets with fine taste in letterpress stationery

by on January 28, 2011

Spotlight on baby…and the pets

Pets with fine taste in letterpress stationery? Yes, that’s right. A fun and eclectic Pasadena-based client recently asked Spiffy Press to design and print new year / new baby announcements. No problem, we love new ideas and creative use of letterpress cards that really stand out. Right up our alley!

When the client provided the text for the card, she had even more creative ideas in mind. Keep talking, we’re totally on board. They wrote the copy as if their pets were making the announcement. Love it! Totally unique and fun.

This point of view inspired the visual design to really include the pets as well. They have dogs, cats and don’t forget the turtle. The word menagerie in the text inspired us to go with the circus feel, with ornate traveling show-style text and spotlight under the big top look.

Details for letterpress nerds, like me:

  • Paper is Crane’s Lettra, 100% cotton, tree-free paper, 220# cover, florescent white
  • Envelope is 100% recycled brown bag paper with paper-bag flap

We loved it! But that comes second to the fact that they loved it and couldn’t wait to send it out to family and friends.

So on this note as we close the first month of the year…happy new year!

Love the deep impression on the super-thick paper

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