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Spiffy Press was founded in late 2008 after years of dreaming of having my own printing press.

With a printing press, we can realize all elements of design: all things handmade, typography (and lots of typography), proportions and balance of architecture, and thought-provoking ideas.
We like to do conceptual design, but we also like to create designs with a deeper, double meaning or message.

We are inspired by the world around us and observing people going about their normal activities is my favorite thing to do. We draw our design ideas from life’s details that often go unnoticed, then turn them upside down, turn them inside out, or combine them into unlikely combinations.
We are happy when someone casts a second glance and thinks about my work. When you get an “ah-ha” look on your face, I know you’ve seen something clever or witty that you didn’t notice at first.

Thank you for visiting Spiffy Press

I hope you enjoy the Spiffy Press website. We are constantly updating the site with new designs, I hope you come back soon.

We have a very strong background in design – brand strategies, created logos and business stationery, and designed brochures and websites for clients in the U.S. and Europe. Our life philosophy is well reflected in graphic, typographic and letterpress design –

“Never stop having fun!”