Businesses today are at the forefront of reducing waste globally. One way they are doing this is through a commitment to a paperless office. However, while paper use in various companies is rapidly declining, one type of paper that continues to thrive is the business card.

Even today, people continue to rely on business cards to promote themselves. However, with new designs or job or company changes, people often need new business cards.

So, the question is, what happens to the old ones? How do we protect the environment even when we have new business cards? Can business cards be recycled? We understand that all of these questions are relevant so you can make the right choices.

10 innovative ways to get rid of old business cards

If you recall, we told you that you can recycle your old business cards yourself by passing them on to other users. That sounded interesting, didn’t it? Here are ten options you can apply your business cards to. 

1. Use the cards as bookmarks

The first thing you can do with your old business card is to use it as a bookmark. This is a good idea, especially if you are an avid reader. You don’t have to worry about folding your books anymore.

2. Create a collage

You can also make a work of art out of that pile of old cards. All you have to do is get creative with them. You can even take scissors and cut them into shapes and then put them together if you want.

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3. use them as labels

You can also use your old business cards as labels. All you have to do is write a description on the blank part and you’re all set. Then you can get something to attach them to the files you want to label.

old business cards

4. use them as gift tags

You can also use these cards as gift tags. All you have to do is decorate and color them to your liking. You can even design them so that you can leave short messages on them. Then the next time you need something to give as a gift, you add that.

5. Create new business cards

Don’t be surprised; you can also create new business cards from your old ones as long as they are intact. All you have to do is paint the old ones. Then you can print a new design on it. You see, you save money.

6. A box for your business cards

You can also create a box for your new card from the old ones. All you have to do is arrange them into a box. Then, once you have done that, you can glue them together with glue. You can always double the cards to make the box sturdy and durable.

7. Creating table cards

You can also use your old cards to create table place cards for your next event. All you have to do is paint them and label them with seat numbers. You can then pass it on to your guests when you send the invitation.

8. Create a deck of playing cards

You can even create a deck of playing cards if you are a fan of card games. All you have to do is color the cards to your liking. Then you can glue on some heavy paper to create your own card game.

9. Create guitar picks

You’ll need some quality business cards for this one. However, if you have them, this is a good example of using your old business cards. You can always find out online how to do this. But trust me, it’s worth it.

10. Origami

Finally, you can create origami out of your old cards. Again, they have to be good quality and thick. Once you have this, you can create all sorts of things, from small animals to large and colorful spheres.

As you can see, your business cards don’t have to be thrown in the trash just because you change your business cards. You can find better uses for them. In this post, we’ve discussed all of that. So, read on and enjoy!