How to organize old greeting cards

Tips on preservation, storage and handling of postcards. Storage conditions. Postcards should be properly stored at about 20 degrees Celsius with average humidity. Garages, sheds, attics and unheated cellars are not suitable for storage. Climate. The temperature and humidity should be as constant as possible, there should not be sharp fluctuations, otherwise shattering may occur. Air Humidity. Too much humidity […]

What is the best software to make greeting cards

Top 10 best programs for greeting cards and invitations Need to make an attractive postcard or event invitation? You will need a special editor. In this article, we have compiled a ranking of the best software to make greeting cards. Read it and choose! PhotoCollage One of the best programs for creating collages, invitations and posters. With it you can […]

How to make video greeting cards

How to make an original video greeting: shoot a video, make a slideshow and a video card! Do you like to please your loved ones with original gifts? One of the brightest ideas, which is easy to implement by your own efforts – a slideshow of photos and videos. It will be a truly individual gift, because the genre, style […]

How to frame greeting cards

Gift cards with their own hands Today’s masters and craftswomen use a lot of techniques for card making. All of them are distinguished by creativity, individuality and special elegance, because, whatever you say, the creation of a postcard – it’s a real art! How did the greeting card come into being? Let’s first find out when and how this pleasant […]

How to organize greeting cards

3 ways to write greeting cards Writing kind words Wish them the best of luck in the coming year. Greeting cards are a great chance to wish someone the best for the future. This is a great option for close family and friends, as well as acquaintances. For example, “All the best for the coming year” or “Wishing you a […]