Ways to Distribute Business Cards on a Small Budget

The successful use of business cards within guerrilla marketing largely depends not only on the type and design of the business card, as seen in these examples of guerrilla marketing, but also on the methods of distribution of business cards.

Here are some recommendations on how and where to distribute business cards as part of guerrilla marketing.

Business cards can be used as bookmarks and left in books.

These can be books in libraries (especially suitable for those types of business where the target audience is young people – students and schoolchildren). You can also go into a bookstore and put business cards in the books on the shelves. Here you can also “catch” your target audience well. Depending on the type of your business, you can look for thematic sections in the bookstore. If, for example, you are engaged in consultations on weight loss, then you will probably be able to “catch” the future client in the health section of the bookstore, if you are engaged in providing services for children, or you have a children’s goods store, then a good option would be to leave their business cards in children’s books, etc.

Very effective can be the distribution of business cards in such places as hairdressing salons or private medical offices.

Such institutions necessarily have rooms where visitors are waiting for their turn. In order that customers are not bored, the owners of such institutions put a variety of magazines on tables. Here in these magazines can also be put business cards. The distribution of business cards in these places will suit those types of businesses whose target audience is middle-aged women.

leave my business cards

Business cards can also be successfully left in cafés, gas stations.

Those engaged in business consulting, accounting or auditing services are very well suited to the distribution of their business cards in the halls of tax offices, banks, branches of the Social Security Fund.

You can agree on the distribution of business cards in the cab.

Here is a suitable form of cooperation with the cab, when you take the cost of making business cards, on which on one side is written your information, and on the other information about the cab (loyalty card), cab also distributes these cards to their customers. The loyalty card will always be with the person, and there will be information about your services and products.

Another way to distribute business cards that do not require a lot of expense is to distribute them in supermarkets.

Business cards can simply be placed in baskets and carts. It is clear that in all baskets and carts at once can not be placed, this will have to negotiate with the administration, and it will not be free, although you can also try to talk. Well, if it’s free, then just carry with you always cards and every time you visit the supermarket, put them in a few baskets and carts.

Don’t forget about distributing business cards along with the mail or along with the invoices you pass on or send to your customers.

One American businessman told that he managed to double the number of his clients due to the fact that he put two of his business cards in the envelope along with the correspondence and invoices for payment.

It will also be very effective to supply all of your employees with business cards.

The best option would be when the business card of the employee will be double-sided: on one side are the initials of the employee, and on the reverse side is useful information about the firm.

leave my business cards

Another option for the distribution of business cards is the distribution of magnetic business cards on any metal surfaces.

Making such business cards on a special magnetized paper, of course, will be a little more expensive than normal business cards, but they will give a result for sure. Magnetic business cards can be left on any metal surfaces. For example, the cars in the parking lot near the office center, or in parking lots, advertising services or products for motorists. You can leave such business cards in buses, good thing there is a lot of metal inside.

I want to give a funny example of distribution of their business cards. Well-known master salesman, Joe Girard, believes that you can and should talk about your business everywhere. He, for example, scatters his business cards in stadiums where soccer games are held, immediately after the final whistle blows. He believes that if at least one person picks up his business card and calls him, it means his “guerrilla” action has taken place.

In order for business cards to really interest potential customers, it is important to make them interesting and useful. To do this, a business card shouldn’t just be a piece of paper with initials and a phone number on it. It is necessary to provide the business card with useful information. After all, no one limits you on what information you write on your business card, what kind of shape your business card will be. For example, you can not just make a one-sided card, as we are all used to seeing, but to make it in the form of a book. That’s how it is in this picture.

One side will be to display your contact information, and on the inner surfaces can be a detailed description of your services and of course a unique selling proposition. You can also specify the information that will be useful to the person who received such a business card, and he will not throw it away ever. This can be telephone numbers of public services, some useful tips, even anecdotes, most importantly that they would be to the point. An ideal option would be to post information about a discount or bonus for the customer.

Finding places to leave your business cards is not that difficult, it’s just important to reflect and determine where the concentration of your target audience is greatest. Business cards should always be with you: in your pocket, in your wallet, in your wallet. Do not forget to replenish them daily. Give your business cards at every opportunity and inconvenient occasion, show that you have a serious business, and you are serious about it.

Don’t overlook such a valuable weapon of guerrilla marketing as a business card. Remember, guerrilla marketing is all about using creative, unconventional and inexpensive ways to reach your target audience.

Can you leave business cards in mailboxes?

Leaving business cards in mailboxes is not generally considered to be an acceptable practice. However, there may be some exceptions depending on the specific situation. For example, if the mailbox is on private property or if the business card is delivered with another piece of mail, it may be permissible. If in doubt, it is always best to check with the local post office or governing authority to ensure compliance with any relevant laws or regulations.

Where should I hand out business cards?

There are a few different ways to approach handing out business cards. One way is to have a card for each person you meet, which can be cumbersome. Alternatively, you can have a few cards that you can easily hand out to people you meet. A good place to hand out business cards is at networking events or business meetings. You can also give them to people you meet on the street or in other public places. If you’re attending a trade show or other event, you can also distribute cards at your booth.

Where do people keep their business cards?

There are a variety of places that people might keep their business cards. Some people might keep them in their wallets, while others might keep them in a desk drawer or in their office. Some people might even keep them in a specific business card holder. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide where they want to keep their business cards.

Is passing out business cards illegal?

There is no specific law that prohibits passing out business cards, but there are laws that could be violated depending on how the cards are used. For example, if someone is passing out business cards in an attempt to sell something or solicit services, they may be violating state or federal telemarketing laws. Similarly, if someone is passing out business cards in a way that is disruptive or deceptive, they may be violating state or federal consumer protection laws.